talk Is Cheap

A bitch started

my legs parted

It was happening now

I’m in … whole hearted

Like I’m wrapping

Up my hair

The whole meal

I couldn’t scarf it

Black as the hole

A sticky tar pit

Making your grand entrance

Emmy worthy red carpet

I knew before we started

My soul.. it was departn

I prayed to the holy one

His one-n-only begotten

a bitch got it

I couldn’t stop it

The inside of my heart

Well..niggah A bitch locked it

And Niggah stop it

He went in it..

You only want the key

Your next….hot topic

Like an instagram pic

But yet …I cldnt crop it

A bitch spotin

Like blood on your lip

Bitch You need to wash it

Bitch watch it

You in it to deep now niggah

You need to drop it

Just like the cock sits

The cock pit

You don’t fit

You causing pandemonium

You fuckn misfit

That means we don’t fit

But don’t trip

For everything you said

It didn’t mean shit

For everything it’s worth

It cost you

0 dollars… no cents

It only cost you

a mind trip

At my expense

It was nonsense

It Made no sense

you wonder why

I’m belligerent

You ignorant

Your ignorance

Translates into your arrogance

Your pretentiousness

The damage you done to me

Is irrelevant

An irritant

Like blemished skin

It’s the truth

But I’m the only one

that’s standing In it

Your deception

Plus…. your erection

Needed a Barrier to my heart

Like Contraception

I’m done vetting

You got me vexing

I’m over this shit right now

Im Armageddon

The weight of the world

On your shoulders

I’m given dead in

It’s all but caving in

So stop pretending

I should’ve never open the door

The big bad wolf

Not granny I let in

I’m really fucking tired

Gotta a Gun

Smoke…for hire

On the inside

I’m on fire

I look at my clock

The stop watch

Its retired

Now I’m looking at you


Your time

just expired

November 10, 2019

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