*Explicit use of the English language*

I ain’t gotta prove shit to you

I ain’t done shit to you

That bitch you was fucking

Shouldn’t mean shit to you

The way that she moved shouldn’t

Still be fucking with you

The shit that she did ain’t

The shit that I do

And I’m sick and fucking tired of

Explaining that to you

I gave you your moment,

a breather or two

But now it’s at the point

I wanna take the breathe

out of you

You keep treating me like

I’m the one

that done that shit to you

When all I keep doing

Is doing the most fucking shit

For you

If you keep living with her

in your mind

Then I’m through

This ain’t no fake shit I’m spittin

I’m telln The truth

I hide nothin from no man

Not even from you

So if I say that I done it

You should know it’s the truth

And if I say that I didn’t

The one that should believe it

Is fucking you

I shouldn’t have to prove

What I say or fucking do

You should know what it is

By what we’ve been through

I’ve known you to long

And the shit you’ve been through

To even have to explain

Anything about me

Or what I fucking do

You should be the last person on earth

To put me through what you do

You keep it up with this shit

Fuck it …..we through

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