5th Commandment; your expectation is not their obligation

I was aware that when i posted the commandments the 5th was missing.  I had every intention on correcting it before i submitted but for some reason i slipped my mind and was brought to my attention again by a dear friend again with my wholehearted intention to correct it, but  for some reason i didn’t and tonight realized why….

5. Your expectation is not their obligation here’s why… just because you have contrived this idea about your ideal relationship, which we all should have, lets be very very clear that your dream may not be that of your current mates or even that of your potential partners.  No one under any circumstance is mandated by some imaginary binary agreement that obligates them to a universal subset of rules that says, “I shall not cheat.” These understandings are developed within the relationship based on each persons individual understanding of what they need and what their partner is requesting.  Your expectations are merely  suggestions of what is needed for you to have your partner to do to make you happy and vice versa! If you have your demands or nonnegotiable’s outlined for your sanity have the understanding that the other person in the relationship may have theirs as well and that by no means is neither person contractually obligated to fulfill those needs.   There is nothing that says, “I HAVE to do this…” it may be a nice sentiment if i do and a testimony to my commitment and it may even be a necessary for you but that does not mean that it HAS to be for me!! KNOW THAT!!!

4 thoughts on “5th Commandment; your expectation is not their obligation

  1. In this very moment I am learning and teaching this very lesson … I recently started therapy and this was the topic of my last session…. well written and hits home 😍😍😍


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