It’s not that I’m neglecting you

I’m just ensuring that I’m not over feeding you

It’s my duty to protect, support, and believe in you

But not my responsibility to give everything to you

In doing that I’m not being fair to you

I’m actually doing more harm and enabling you

And not teaching and/or preparing you

But instead I’m stifling and suffocating you

From being the very best and productive you

And instead creating a self-fulfilling entitlement you

Whom walks with his hands out stretched you

That feels he doesn’t have to work for it you

And never really tries for it or anything you

That gives up in a minute you

And when he doesn’t get his immediate needs met you

He walks away without a second thought you

Without thinking about anyone else but you

It’s my job and responsibility to feed you

Provide you with emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual fruit

To make sure you have what you need and maybe some of what you want, that’s my responsibility to do

But in that, you have to give something to

You have to show me that you want it just as much as I do… if not more to

You have to do more then what is asked of you to

Put forth more effort then what is called of you to

That may mean you might have study and/or work long nights to

To get done what you didn’t the day before to

You may have to reach a little higher to

Be a bit more stronger to

To get passed the next level that was my responsibility to get you to

Then when you get there

It now becomes you’re responsibility to








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