Talking points

Hello everyone, I know its been a while but for good reasons that i wont get into at this moment.  What i wanted to share was the reason why i went ahead and posted all my commandments or talking points.  I’ve been having lengthy conversations with a male co-worker about the woes of  interacting with the opposite sex.  That have led to very heated debates at times but stimulating conversation to say the least.  I’ve also been experiencing my own small trials and tribulations that I wanted to elaborate on as mere conversation starters.  With these, amongst the conversations with my peer, i will be referencing the talking points in support of my agenda.  And yes, you read right, my agenda.  After all that’s the vantage point we most operate from.  There will be more conversations posted and “in the moment thoughts” regarding conversations I may have had.


P.s. I’m here to share my perspective from my experiences not to be judged on how many grammatical or spelling errors I may make within a post or any other judgmental thought you can drudge up, so if you are reading for that and not the content, then please see yourself to the x!!  Feel free to join in the conversation with your experiences or even your perspective based on that… i’m open.  Even more if you agree 😉

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