commandment #7 People are who they show you they are……..

There’s something in psychology, i think, that eludes to a front-stage self and a back-stage self or a person’s representative. These are concepts meaning that people act differently according to the place, time, and person involved, although I am not totally disagreeing with that, I am disagreeing that those early warning signs aren’t present well enough in advance to save you unnecessary issues if you know what you’re looking for. If you met them and they looked dirty (outside of obvious reasons, they work a dirty job or homeless) then they are dirty! If they weren’t opening doors when you met them, they probably won’t magically start opening them just because they met you. If he/she is dressed in the full nine at the grocery store more than likely that’s how they dress every day all the time same as if they are frumpy. So, if you’ve seen these things and you continued in the forward direction than it would be in your best interest to prepare yourself for disappointment if these are requirements or standards you have but your mate does not.

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