1. deal with your Daddy issues

Let’s talk!  First in a series entitled the Obvious ambiguities of Social interactions; T-talks commandments………….

We all have them. Rather he was there or not, Good or bad, either way, his existence left a lasting impression on your development. Regardless of how you view “men” a man was a necessary and intricate part of your very being. Find out where the disconnect is, acknowledge that one exists, and begin the healing process. There is no double standard here. Men are just as affected if not more by the presence of a strong male figure retrospectively. This man teaches them how to treat their mate and demonstrates to their daughters how they should be treated. A missing father leaves a missing piece creating a void we all try to fill with stuff. If you had a healthy family system that consisted of a great dad, you’re in trouble too because that example has not prepared you for the man or woman you will most likely encounter. But the trick is knowing that understanding that, and learning in it.

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