Did you know everything that you do is exceptional?

because everything that you do is recreational 

I can’t help that these feelings are perpetual 

but…. because for me “why” it’s not conceptual

Everything you buy is sensational 

While every time I try its replaceable

Everything you say is repeatable 

While every day I slave is unmentionable 

Don’t for a second let me forget to mention 

That when I chastise her 

I’m left with dissension

While you revel in pretension 

and I grovel for the smallest recognition 

In her eyes everything you do deserves second mention 

While I feel I stand in line transcribing for her my petition 


All I want to be is Exceptional 


Unlike you my hard work speaks of me and is reputable 

I was and I am there when you’re not 

Not because you couldn’t 

but because you replaced your being with things you bought 

I sacrificed and suffered in silence because of the things you got

I smiled a grimace grin while my insides drop

I turned the other cheek when the verbal berating didn’t stop 

I defended myself to people whom had no place 

She is our child and I am her mother

 I can’t ever be replaced 

But to you I am always second place 


Why can’t I be exceptional 




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