do Right

Do right 


You’ve never done right by me so why should I do right by you 

All you’ve ever done is lie and cheated your whole life your whole way through

You use manipulation and implication to mask what you intend to do 

It’s a lie when they say you should do unto others what you want to be done unto you 

You could not possibly want what you have done to me reciprocated and done to you 

It is the truth though when I ask “What did I ever do to you”

Nothing that I can think of to justify all the shit you’ve put me through 

You’ll smile in his face and grin, and smile and laugh in hers too 

But when it comes to me and mine I can’t even get a fraction of the truth 

I care about what’s done to others much more then I can say for you 

Or is it just me you give your ass to kiss or is that your everyday mood 

Naw, Can’t be, naw that’s not even close to the truth

I’ve seen you open your home and heart to others through and through


But not for me


and for the life of me, I can’t seem to fathom Why 

All you’ve ever done to me was break my heart, given me your ass to kiss and lie 

You knew you were still in love with her so you couldn’t give our love a try 

But instead of letting me go to choose you tightened your grip and ties 

I carried your child inside of me and often wished that it would die

I pleaded, laid out on my knees, and to myself I lied 

For you just to tell me the truth for once and not those implicating lies

I pleaded with GOD countless nights, hands outstretched asking why 

At night alone I lost my home I sat and silently cried  

I bent over backwards and gave to you my all is all I had, I tried 

My job was gone my house was too but you didn’t bother or care the reason why 

You closed your door and locked your windows and turned a blinds man eye  

You’ve never done right by me so why should I do right by you 


should I do right by you or is that doing something to be implied 




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