suicide Note

This wasn’t a suicide….It was murder…..
I almost committed suicide today not because I wanted to die but because I was tired of living.
I was tired of living in a society that’s so unforgiving.
It has laws that are supposed to protect us, but they fail to protect us from us!
I tried to do it the law-abiding way, but the system is flawed.
I was gonna take his life, hers, then mine.
It’s easier that way.
The history of harassment spans 13 years
13 years of being belittled, called out my name threatened, ridiculed
All the while not being protected.
I called the police, magistrate, went to court, files a protective order, kept records of text messages, phone calls, and direct contact.
All within the letter of the law, until I couldn’t take it anymore.
So I decided to take matters into my own hands.
I just wanted it to stop and no one else was making it stop.
So I did!
13 years took my whole life.
Laws murdered me, the justice system murdered me.
I don’t even blame them!
They could’ve stopped it
But they didn’t, so I did.
Its a system that revictimizes victims
Re-punishes those who have repeatedly been punished
Jails the innocent and paroles the guilty
The rest of us never stood a chance!


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