truth Of the Matter

Truth of the matter

Let’s get to the truth of the matter ….
you do shit to keep from doing shit
while in the meantime it makes you think you doing shit
but really the shit you’re doing aint really shit
it makes you look like the shit
to everyone on the outside looking in and shit
but we both know you really ain’t done shit
some may say “some shit is better than no shit”
but if the shit you getting aint really amounting to shit and causes more shit
then shouldn’t you and couldn’t you really just keep that shit?
I’m not really sure how one would measure shit
but I know the shit I do in an hour surpasses astronomically all your little penny any bullshit…
the picking her up once in a while shit,
keeping her your designated weekend only to drop her off at the babysitter’s shit,
that, if you could do me a solid because I need to work a late; keep her a little bit longer shit
or you can just bring her to my job because I know you have rehearsal, or a road service call, or a gig and shit.
you do the little here and there, whatever I ask you to do shit
because you know that I know that you know those extra minutes or that added time doesn’t really even come close to my shit
Truth of the matter is… don’t really do shit

Enjoy Lovelies!!!!


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