Are you the CEO in your relationships? I was having a conversation with a gentleman about his current situation; shop talk. He was explaining to me how he was “involved” but “not really” with someone. He went on the tell me how he was being “respectful” of the other person by allowing them to “take their time” and “not rush” into anything, all the while his body language and gestures signaled that he truly desired much more. How many times have we done this? Shorted ourselves because although we advertised for a fulltime employee we settle for ones that barley meet the minimum qualifications. How many times have they told us upfront that they weren’t in the position, time wise, or not interested in a fulltime position. Then how many times, have we just overlooked that because of the “potential?” So, we accept the applicant “as is” and get disappointed in the end. Let’s start advertising and only interviewing those that share our same vision and respect our mission. Let’s retake possession of our relationships. After all, there is nothing wrong with asking what his/hers five-year plan is.


Why wait? what are you waiting for?

Will they ever meet you where you’re at?

Truth is they should’ve already been there

you were there and they know you’re there

but if they cared then they would have met you there

but you’re waiting for them to get there but their there was not your there

they may have already been there, been somebody else’s there

If you keep waiting for them there

you will never get there and they may never come there

But you keep waiting….

if they were there, they would’ve been there, long before you or when you got there

so when you made it there y’all would’ve met there

But instead you’re there and they’re there so y’all never get there

You’re there keeps waiting for their there to get there

all the while they know they’re not coming there

because they never wanted to be there

And they told you that when you tried to meet them there


and you kept trying to pull them there, push them and plead with them there

but they remain there

you knew they weren’t there but somehow, they convinced you, or more like you convinced you

that in time they would get there

So you keep waiting….

you move you’re there to their there

but when you get there, they’re not there

but they keep telling you “keep waiting because I will get there”

so you remain standing there, holding your place there standing steadfast there, weathering every storm there,

and they do

they eventually get there

But they’re over there and you’re over there

and you realize you’ve been there waiting on them to get there

but they’re there is over there meeting with Her there

and you Were there 

still waiting ……

you were there waiting on them to get there when they should’ve already been there

but they were already there

and they’re there was not you’re there

and you missed out on what was over there

because you were there waiting on them to get there

when He was already there; waiting to meet you there 



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